Common -AR Verbs

Ayudar to help
Bailar to dance
Caminar to walk
Cantar to sing
Cocinar to cook
Comprar to buy
Contestar to answer
Descansar to rest
Enseñar to teach
Esperar to wait
Escuchar to listen
Hablar to speak
Limpiar to clean
Llamar to call
Llegar to arrive
Llevar to take (bring)
Manejar to drive
Mirar to watch
Montar to ride
Nadar to swim
Necesitar to need
Pagar to pay
Practicar to practice
Preguntar to ask
Terminar to finish
Tocar to play (an instrument)
Tomar to drink, to take (medicine, class)
Trabajar to work
Usar to use
Viajar to travel
Visitar to visit

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