IR Verbs

For verbs that end in -irtake the infinitive of the verb, drop the -ir ending, and then add one of the endings you see in the chart below, based on your subject. We’ll use vivir as an example, because it is a common regular -ir verb, and can be used as a model for how to conjugate all of the other regular -ir verbs.


Yo vivo I live
Tu vives You (informal) live
El/Ella/Usted vive He/she/you (formal) live
Nosotros/as vivimos We live
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes viven They/you (formal) live
Vosotros (Spain) vivéis You (plural informal) live

Yo vivo en los Angeles      I live in Los Angeles.
¿Dónde tú vives?                Where do you live?


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