Reflexive Pronouns

Reflexive pronouns in Spanish are used when the subject and the object of a sentence are the same. For example:

I wash myself.
He brushes his teeth.
The cat licks itself.
We feed ourselves.

Reflexive pronouns work the same was as the other object pronouns, and in fact, are almost exactly the same as direct or indirect object pronouns. Like the difference between the direct and indirect object pronouns, the only difference between the reflexive pronouns and the other two is in the el/ella and ellos form. Let’s take a look:

me myself
te yourself
se himself, herself, yourself, itself
nos ourselves
se themselves, yourselves

So in Spanish, our example sentences above would be:

Yo me lavo.
El se cepilla los dientes.
El gato se lame.
Nosotros nos alimentamos.

For more about reflexive pronouns, take a look at the page about reflexive verbs.


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