Articles are the short words that come before the nouns. For example, “the pen,” “a telephone,” and so on. We have two kinds of articles in English: definite articles (the) and indefinite articles (a/some).

Spanish also has two kinds of articles, but since Spanish nouns have gender, Spanish articles do, also. Like with nouns, the presence of the letter a in the article means it’s feminine, and when it ends in s, that means it’s plural.

Definite Article: the

The article the can be singular or plural, and feminine or masculine, depending on the noun it refers to.

Singular Plural
Masculine el (libro) los (libros)
Feminine la (silla) las (sillas)

*Note that the singular masculine definite article is el, not lo.


Indefinite Articles: a/some

The singular of the indefinite article is a, as in “a book.” The plural of the indefinite article is some, as in “some books.”

Singular Plural
Masculine un (libro) unos (libros)
Feminine una (silla) unas (sillas)

*Note that the singular masculine indefinite article is un, not uno.


Want some practice for what you learned? Try our exercises for definite and indefinite articles!

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