Possessive Adjectives

Possessive adjectives are words that indicate who something belongs to: my, your, her, etc are possessive adjectives. Possessive adjectives can get confusing sometimes, because, even though they need to agree with the noun (like all other adjectives), you may find yourself wanting to make them agree with the subject. For example, if you’re saying “our houses” and the “our” refers to a male group, then you might write, “nuestro casas,” and make nuestro singular and masculine. But remember, these are all still adjectives, so you need to match them to their nouns! The correct possessive adjective, then, would be “nuestras casas,” because casas is feminine and plural.

Here are all of the possessive adjectives:

mi / mis  my
tu / tus  your
su / sus  his/her
nuestro / nuestros  our
nuestra / nuestras  our
su / sus  your/their

Some examples:

Mis libros                  My books
Sus plumas               Their pens
Nuestra casa          Our house
Nuestros libros      Our books


Want some practice for what you learned? Try our exercise for possessive adjectives!

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