Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative adjectives are used to point out things or people. In English, we have two demonstrative adjectives: this and that. Think of them as pointing at something to demonstrate it to somebody.

In Spanish, there are three demonstrative adjectives: este (this), ese (that), and aquel (that over there). What, you may be wondering, is the difference between ‘that’ and ‘that over there’? The difference is just that the latter word, aquel, is used to refer to things that are more than just a short distance away.

In Spanish, demonstrative adjectives come before the noun and—like all adjectives—have to agree with the noun in gender and number.

Este – This

Masculine Feminine
Singular este esta
Plural estos estas

Este televisor           this TV (by me)
Estos televisores    these TVs
Esta bolsa                this bag
Estas bolsas            these bags

Ese – That 

Masculine Feminine
Singular ese esa
Plural esos esas

Ese televisor            that TV (by you)
Esos televisores     those TVs
Esa bolsa                 that bag
Esas bolsas             those bags

Aquel – That Over There

Masculine Feminine
Singular aquel aquella
Plural aquellos aquellas

Aquel televisor             that TV (away from both of us)
Aquellos televisores    those TVs
Aquella bolsa                that bag
Aquellas bolsas            those bags


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