Prepositions and -ing Verbs — Exercises

Translate the prepositions and gerunds (-ing verbs) in the following sentences.

*Remember, when the gerund comes after a preposition (before, after, about, for, etc.) you need to turn the gerund into the infinitive. So, for example, “before eating” becomes “antes de comer.” For more info, see the list of prepositional phrases or the page on gerunds.


1. She likes to eat her salad before eating her entree, but he likes his after.

A ella, le gusta comer su ensalada ______________ su plato principal, pero a él, le gusta la suya después.


2. The mother said to her daughter that she can go out after finishing her homework.

La madre dijo a su hija que ella puede salir ______________ su tarea.


3. I have a question about practicing for the test.

Tengo una pregunta ______________ para el examen.


4. I always prefer doing the dishes instead of vacuuming.

Yo siempre prefiero lavar los servicios ______________.


5. After watching their house, I always come home smelling like dog!

______________ su casa, siempre vuelvo a casa oliendo a perro!


6. I wanted to sleep after eating so much, but all my friends wanted to dance.

Quería dormir ______________ tanto, pero todos mis amigos querian bailar.


7. I met my wife 10 years ago, when I went to the park instead of attending class.

Yo conocí a mi esposa hace 10 años, cuando fui al parque ______________ a la clase.


8. Do you think you can bring her here without revealing the surprise?

Piensas que la puedes traer aquí ______________ le la sorpresa?


9. I am against not eating dessert.

Estoy ______________ postre.


10. Thank you for not smoking.

Gracias ______________.



For the answers, click here.


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