Possessive Adjectives – Exercises

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A large group of people is at a restaurant. When the server comes with their food, the poor guy can’t remember what everybody ordered! He asks the people at the table what food belongs to whom, and they point to the right person and show him whose food it is. Fill in the blanks in their answers with the correct possessive adjectives. For an extra challenge, translate each food vocabulary word.

*Remember, possessive adjectives need to correspond in gender and number with the noun. So, for example, if you want to say “our houses,” you may be tempted to write, “nuestro casas,” but that would be incorrect. The correct answer is “nuestras casas”–because “casas” is feminine and plural, the possessive adjective must also be feminine and plural.
* If you need help with the vocabulary, check the food vocabulary page. 

  Singular Plural
My mi mis
Your (informal) tu tus
Your (formal) su sus
His/Her su sus
Our nuestro (m) / nuestra (f) nuestros (m) / nuestras (f)
Their su sus


  1. De quiénes son estes bistecs?
    Son _______ bistecs. (Jose & Maria)
  2. De quién es este congrejo?
    Es ________ congrejo. (my)
  3. De quién es este salmon?
    Es ________ salmon. (Josephine)
  4. De quiénes son estas ensaladas?
    Son _______ ensaladas. (Mark’s & mine)
  5. De quién es este pato?
    Es ________ pato. (Mark)
  6. De quién es este plato de frijoles y salsa?
    Son _______ plato. (Carla & Jose)
  7. De quién son estas verduras?
    Son _______ verduras. (my)
  8. De quién son estes berenjenas?
    Son _______ berenjenas. (Francisco)
  9. De quién es este helado?
    Es ________ helado. (our)
  10. De quién son estes camarónes?
    Son _______ camarónes. (Francisco)


For the answers, click here.

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