Mucho vs Muy – Exercises

See the lesson on mucho vs. muy

Below, you’ll see a series of simple phrases/sentences. Fill in the blank with the correct form of mucho or muy.

*”Mucho” and “muy” are often confused by people learning Spanish. But remember, there’s an easy way to remember the difference: mucho = ”a lot;” muy = “very.” Like in English, “mucho” can modify a noun or a verb. “Muy” can only modify an adjective. Use these clues to figure out what word to use below. If you see an asterisk symbol (*) next to a question, pay close attention: the answer might not be what you expect.
*Hint: Remember that in Spanish, adjectives need to match their nouns in gender and number! 








1. Me gusta leer _________.
I like to read _________.
2. Mi madre cocina ____________ comida cada sábado.
My mother cooks ______________ food every Saturday.
3. Nuestra casa es ____________ antigua.
Our house is ________________ old.
4. Tengo ____________ hambre. *
I am ____________ hungry.
5. El perro de mi hermano no es ___________ inteligente.
My brother’s dog isn’t ___________ smart.
6. Yo he investigué _______ carros antes de comprar uno.
I researched ____________ of cars before buying one.
7. No me siento __________ bien.
I don’t feel ____________ well.
8. Mi prima corre ____________ los fines de semana.
My cousin runs _____________ on the weekends.
9. No soy _______ bueno en hornear, pero lo hago ________.
I am not ___________ good at baking but I do it _________.
10. _______________ gracias por tu regalo. *
Thank you very much for your gift.

For the answers, click here.

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